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Yes Climate change is real

Wiltshire Conservatives backtrack on 2030 Carbon Neutrality pledge

It’s interesting to see that on the Wiltshire Conservatives candidates leaflets delivered this week they say under the environment section… Pledged to become Carbon Neutral by 2030 with a tick. Well actually, that was the Conservative led councils original pledge – to make the County of Wiltshire Carbon Neutral by 2030. Unfortunately they have now […]

Solar panels on a low carbon build

How do we build Zero Carbon?

For almost all of us we rarely have the opportunity to change the fabric of our home or business premises. But given we need to be carbon neutral by 2050 and ideally a lot quicker, the new buildings we construct today, be they homes or business premises will last a very long time. We also […]

Chippenham Folk Festival 2018

Ideas for Chippenham Town Centre

I’ve lived in Chippenham since 2006 and with the new ward boundaries my house now sits snuggly on the border between Monkton, Hardenhuish, and Hardens & Central Wards. I chose to stand for Hardens & Central ward partly because it covers the town centre area. As Liam Neeson might say what I do have are a very […]

Barrow Farm and Langley common

My Planning Objection to building on Barrow Farm

Another day another planning application in Chippenham. It seems that at the moment there is a concerted effort to build on all of Chippenham’s historic farmland and bury it under concrete as fast as possible ignoring the voice of local residents. So now we have a planning application for Barrow Farm, Chippenham. An historic farm […]